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Butte Stormwater Art Project

About the Project

Butte has 30+ traffic signal boxes to wrap!

The Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (CFWEP) and Butte-Silver Bow have teamed up to increase stormwater awareness in our community by placing public art on traffic signal boxes throughout Butte. Community members often don’t realize that all of Butte’s stormwater is untreated and eventually makes its way into either Blacktail or Silver Bow Creek. Unfortunately, this means trash, oil, and other materials make their way into these important bodies of water threatening the health of our precious water resources.

The goal of this effort is to increase awareness of storm drain connections to our creeks while adding vibrancy to our community through public art installations. There are 30 signal boxes eligible for wrapping in the Uptown and Harrison Avenue districts. Signal boxes will be wrapped with original works of art, and the art selected for the signal box wraps will have ecological, aquatic, or riparian connectedness theme. We envision the art on the signal boxes honoring the unique ecology and beauty of the summit valley, our water resources, and the outdoor areas we all know and love.

Signal Box Map