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Report Illicit discharge

What is illicit discharge?

“Illicit discharge” means any discharge to a municipal separate storm sewer that is not composed entirely of storm water except discharges pursuant to an Montana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (MPDES) General Permit and discharges resulting from firefighting activities.
Indicators include:  unusual odor, color, presence of turbidity, & floatables (debris).

Where might an illicit discharge be located?

“Illicit discharge” might be found in industrial areas, previous areas with illicit discharges, in areas where illegal dumping occurs, the oldest portions of storm sewer infrastructure, any areas with onsite sewage disposal systems, and areas that discharge to an impaired waterbody.

How to identify an illicit connection?

“Illicit Connection” means any man-made conveyance connecting an illicit discharge directly to a municipal separate storm sewer.

Report A Construction Project Complaint

Protection in the form of a Best Management Practice (i.e., inlet protection, straw wattle, tracking controls) is required on a construction site when the soil is disturbed and has the potential to enter the Butte-Silver Bow stormwater system.

Muddy water leaving a construction site is not allowed by County and State regulations.

How to Report Illicit Discharge or Submit a Construction Project Complaint

Contact the following or fill out the form below:

Mark Neary

Operations Manager-Metro Division
Butte–Silver Bow Public Works

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Report Illicit Discharge or Submit a Construction Project Complaint